Meet The Sokumasters

Meet Our Sokumasters

Sokumaster – A wise, patient, and strong individual capable of using the trust he earns to evoke the stronger spirit of another; a Leader; A trusted Guide; the term used to define the trainers of PUNCH Fitness Center. The basis of the Punch method begins with each Sokumaster. A Sokumaster can only believe in the capability of his/her client after he believes in his own ability to summon that strength. When the connection between client – Sokumaster is formed, it is then that a client is driven to meet his limitations. This is the line where true training begins. A Sokumaster will bring his client to the point where he must connect with himself, and trigger him to break through his client’s barrier named "limitation." As part of the PUNCH Team, Sokumasters are conditioned continuously, upgrading their techniques, their application, and discussing their members’ needs.



With XX years of industry experience, 20xx Nx State Golden Glove Champion, OCR competitor and amazing teacher with high spirits. Miguel will guide you through a wide range of calisthenics, exercise modalities and amazing stretches as he helps ease the tension with his quick wit and sense of humor. Come find out why this man is known as "The General" here at Punch!



Coming in at the young age of 105. Touray is here to break your arms and legs as he helps you get rid of all that chiki chiki you're dealing with! Not only will you get pushed to your limits, but you'll forget the world while you're in Touray's world. Come see what its about here on the Ave!




A Mixed Movement Artist that specializes in martial arts, calisthenics, yoga and mobility. Here to help you not only move better but feel better in the process. Working your body, mind & spirit.