The Punch Mentality



PUNCH Fitness Center is an experience. Our method is defined in 3 stages in which your body changes along with your psyche. We will guide you from your early stages, walk behind you when you begin to realize your ability, and walk next to you when you begin train like a warrior. We maintain a saying: “You knew you were ready from your first step through the doors”.


Your initial steps require guidance. We call this UNITY because your trainer becomes one with your mind & spirit. Your Sokumaster recognizes your limitations, and sees the route to crossing them. Trust them as you would yourself. Let their confident voice become yours, and you will realize your ability to go beyond.


Your spirit takes over the struggle. You hear your voice differentiate from your Sokumaster. Continuing to ask you for nothing less than YOU, they proudfully watch you demand for more. Here you need to hear each other. You see yourself evolving as an individual, and your Sokumaster the guide. 



You have felt victory each time before, and your palette has acquired a taste for it. Who dares take you to your next level today?

Sokumaster – A wise, patient, and strong individual capable of using the trust he earns to evoke the stronger spirit of another; a Leader; A trusted Guide; the term used to define the trainers of PUNCH Fitness Center. The basis of the Punch method begins with each Sokumaster. A SokuMaster can only believe in the capability of his/her client after he believes in his own ability to summon that strength. When the connection between client – SokuMaster is formed, it is then that a client is driven to meet his limitations. This is the line where true training begins. A Sokumaster will bring his client to the point where he must connect with himself, and trigger him to break through his client’s barrier named "limitation." As part of the PUNCH Team, Sokumasters are conditioned continuously, upgrading their techniques, their application, and discussing their members’ needs.


Voted New York Magazine's "Best Kickboxing Gym of 2010," PUNCH is truly a center that unites the most successful fighters of today. The world's most successful men and women join with and adopt the Punch Fitness teachings.